Somebody’s Watching Me

You may be asking yourself, “Self, how can I find Nicole in places outside of the blogosphere?”  Here’s a few ways:

1. If you’re on Twitter (and even if you’re not), follow me at: @PrettyNGeek!  Sure, you can see my tweets on my blog, but I feel even MORE popular when the number of my followers increase.  Just sayin’.  

2. In an effort to be all business savvy and further my career as much as possible, I joined LinkedIn.  Check out my resume and if you’re on LinkedIn, add me to your network! Here’s the link to my profile:

3. Obsessed with Pinterest as much as I am? Follow my boards here:

4. If Facebook is more your thing, head on over to my Facebook Page “Pretty N’ Geek” and like my page:

5. And last, but certainly not least, follow me on Instagram! Just search my user name: @PrettyNGeek

So many options to keep you connected! Now go forth and connect!


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