All Of Me: FAQ’s About Nicole

1. Why did you name your blog after lyrics from an Elton John song?

It was a little bit funny, this feeling inside.  It wasn’t something I could easily hide.  So I figured these lyrics would act as a perfect representation of this blog.  Plus I’m a bit of a music junkie.

2.  What do you do when you’re not posting on this blog?

I name the woodland creatures that reside in the pine tree in my front yard.  For a long time it was only Paco until just recently when I noticed Paco found himself a friend.  I named her Penny.

3.  Since there’s a pine tree in your front yard, does that mean you live in the mountains?

Nope. I live in a nice suburban neighborhood, but the guy who designed my house was fascinated with cabins in Big Bear and designed the house accordingly.  Fortunately, he didn’t include a wood carved “big bear” in the front yard.  Unfortunately, his design wasn’t consistent and there are (not kidding) 26 palm trees in my backyard.  So the front of my house looks like a campground and the back looks like the set of Lost.  I often check to see if Matthew Fox or Josh Holloway are peeking around the backyard.  A girl can hope.

4.  Who are your heroes?

Anyone who reads this blog and can get through it without vomiting.

5.  I want to be just like you when I grow up.  Any suggestions on how to do that?

Plenty.  First of all, if you haven’t already done so, you have to go through an overextended awkward stage.  Bad hair, poor “fashion” choices, the works.  Most people have an awkward stage that lasts roughly 2-3 years but mine lasted for about 20.  That’s step one – it’ll build character.  The next step is to be overly passionate about something one minute and then bored by it the next minute.  Once you do that a few times you’ll be bored with yourself, you’ll get over it, and you’ll learn to commit or be committed.  Either way, it’s a good time.  The last step is to take any step necessary to right your wrongs (fashion included) and not care what anyone thinks because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself.  If at any point you forget these steps or desire further guidance, watch Ugly Betty because I’m CONVINCED the show stole their best material from my life experiences.

6.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

I doubt that I’ll ever grow up so any answer to that question is moot.  Plus I just like any reason to use the word moot.

7.  You mentioned you were a music junkie.  Any plans to go to rehab?

They tried to make me go but I said no, no, no.  That answer was so, so, wrong.  My apologies.

8.  Someone gives you the keys to a time machine (preferably a TARDIS).  Where would you go first and why?

I’d go to the time BEFORE I thought it was a good idea to share my thoughts on the world wide web.  It was a more peaceful, less complicated time and people still wanted me for my body and not my brain.  Oh, the memories.